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Caring for Exterior LightsUpdated a year ago

Caring for Your Exterior Fittings: A Guide to Maintenance

To ensure the enduring quality of your outdoor fittings, it's important to conduct regular maintenance every six months. This practice not only prolongs the life of the fittings but also shields them from external factors such as dirt, carbon, acidic droppings, vegetation, and atmospheric elements.

The maintenance recommendations for interior fittings also hold true for external use. However, depending on your location, specific cleaners may be necessary, in place of water alone.

Coastal & Extreme Weather Considerations:

For those situated in coastal areas or facing extreme weather conditions, such as acid rain or industrial pollutants from factories, we advise following the care instructions outlined above for the relevant material. In such cases, more frequent maintenance—multiple times per year or as needed—may be required, factoring in both exposure levels and the fitting's attributes.

We encourage you to consult our Coastal blog to determine the suitability of the material you've chosen for such conditions, along with insights into the aging process. If you're uncertain about the materials utilized in the fittings of interest, our consultants at [email protected] are ready to provide assistance.

Landscape Lighting:

When tending to landscape lighting, adhere to the cleaning care guidelines relevant to the specific material. It's essential to consistently cleanse any fittings exposed to or in contact with chemicals associated with lawn care, decking, or motor vehicles. These chemicals can potentially compromise the fitting's integrity and lifespan.

Exterior Metals:

Even when graded for external use, fittings in standard settings and environments still necessitate regular cleaning and maintenance. We recommend utilizing warm soapy water to cleanse external fittings, effectively eliminating surface deposits and residues.

Exterior Concrete:

For exterior concrete fittings, a thorough cleanse with warm soapy water is recommended to effectively eliminate surface deposits and residues.

Please note: Using a pressure cleaner is strongly discouraged, as it may result in unintended damage!

Your commitment to regular maintenance plays a pivotal role in preserving the allure and functionality of your outdoor fittings. If you require further assistance or have inquiries, please feel free to contact us. 

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