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Caring for Organic & Natural MaterialsUpdated a year ago

Enhancing the Longevity of Your Light: Organic & Natural Materials

Should you seek guidance on the appropriate maintenance to extend the life of your light, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]. Additionally, you can explore the FAQs below, tailored for each natural material, to find valuable information.

For Painted Products:

Painted products can be maintained by gently cleaning them with a soft dry cloth. In cases of heavier soiling, it's acceptable to dampen the cloth with fresh water. To prevent water spots, be sure to meticulously dry the product using a separate, soft cloth.

Rattan, Wicker & Cane:

Our handcrafted natural rattan, cane, and wicker fittings often feature intricate wrapping and binding techniques. These fittings can accumulate dust and dirt in hard-to-reach areas. To maintain their allure, we recommend weekly dusting or vacuuming with an upholstery brush to address those challenging-to-reach spots.


For fabric fittings, avoid placing them in moisture-prone areas to maximize their lifespan. Extended exposure to sunlight can impact the material over time. To clean, gently remove dust using a fine brush or lint remover. For marks that require further attention, utilize a slightly moist soft cloth, dabbing or gently wiping along the grain to remove them. It's crucial to avoid submerging fittings in water for cleaning and to steer clear of harsh chemicals or detergents.

Cotton & Linen:

For fittings crafted from cotton or linen, begin by removing dust with a fine brush, duster, or lint remover. If additional cleaning is necessary, opt for wiping with a damp cloth. In case the material loses its shape, a handheld steamer can be used to gently restore its form.


Maintain the allure of wooden fittings by using a soft dry cloth or duster for regular cleaning. For fittings needing extra care, lightly moisten the cloth with fresh water and proceed to wipe. Ensure thorough drying with a separate cloth to eliminate any water spots.

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