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Caring for Porous MaterialsUpdated a year ago

Preserving the Integrity of Porous Materials: Cleaning Guidelines

When dealing with bare plaster and ceramic, both of which possess porous characteristics, it's essential to refrain from using water or liquids for cleaning, as this will ensure the fittings retain their original appearance.

Plaster & Ceramic:

For painted plaster, you may utilize a slightly damp cloth for cleaning. Removing dust can be achieved using a soft dry cloth or a gentle bristle brush. To address marks on bare plaster or ceramics, consider employing a "smoke sponge" or a comparable Vulcanized rubber tool, ensuring careful rubbing for optimal results.


Routine dusting is recommended as needed. To address minor marks on raw porcelain, a clean cloth paired with soap or crème cleanser can be employed for effective removal.


While interior concrete fittings necessitate minimal cleaning, the following approach is advised when required:

Wash concrete with a solution of detergent diluted in warm water to eliminate surface deposits every few months. Afterward, rinse with fresh, clean water and gently dry using a soft, clean cloth.

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