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My item arrived but it's a different name to the product I ordered?Updated a year ago

Occasionally, our suppliers may utilize varying names for the products featured in our collection.

We acknowledge that this could potentially lead to confusion.

Here at Lighting Collective, our collaboration spans across numerous suppliers, each contributing to our diverse array of lighting options. This diversity, in turn, leads to a multitude of product names and selections.

To simplify the experience for our valued customers, we sometimes opt to refine these names. This endeavour aims to align the product descriptions more closely with our customers' preferences and facilitate seamless searches for similar items, aesthetics, and designs.

Be assured that our suppliers directly dispatch orders from their respective facilities. Hence, the products you receive will indeed be the correct selections.

Should any uncertainty persist, we warmly invite you to reach out to our office at (02) 6685 5744 or via email at [email protected]. Your comfort and clarity remain paramount to us.

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