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General FAQs

General FAQs raised by our valued customers.

Will you price match?

We're pleased to inform you that there are instances where we can offer price matching for identical items available at a lower cost through an alternative supplier. To proceed, kindly forward a copy of the official quote you've obtained for the more

What can I do if the item I like has been discontinued?

Regrettably, there are instances where our manufacturers may discontinue products with minimal forewarning. Should you find that the item you had your eye on has been discontinued, fret not! We're here to assist. Feel free to get in touch with our of

My item arrived but it's a different name to the product I ordered?

Occasionally, our suppliers may utilize varying names for the products featured in our collection. We acknowledge that this could potentially lead to confusion. Here at Lighting Collective, our collaboration spans across numerous suppliers, each cont