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Understanding our Lead TimesUpdated a year ago

Allow us to explain the concept of 'Lead Time,' which signifies the estimated duration for item preparation, processing, and delivery. Delivery times can vary based on location and courier service. It's important to note that lead times can differ by product, meaning multiple items within a single order could have varying lead times.

1. Standard Lead Time (Ready to Ship) - Up to 14 days:

For items with a lead time of up to 14 days, they are readily available at our Australian distributor's warehouse. Once ordered, they will be swiftly processed and readied for shipping.

2. Standard Lead Time (On Order) - Up to 8 weeks:

Items with a lead time of up to 8 weeks are on-order products. Upon order placement, they undergo processing and production before being prepared for shipment from our distributor's warehouse.

3. Standard Lead Time (Special Item) - Up to 18 weeks:

A lead time of up to 18 weeks indicates a special item sourced to order from international designers. After ordering, it undergoes processing and is prepared for shipping to our Australian distributor's warehouse. To learn more about special items, please refer to our FAQs.

4. Made-to-Order Lead Time - Up to 16 Weeks:

Items with a made-to-order lead time are meticulously handcrafted or assembled by our Artisan designers. The lead time for a pre-order design spans between 2-16 weeks, encompassing order processing and item creation by the artisan.

5. Pre-Order:

For items with a pre-order lead time, they are temporarily out of stock. The displayed month is an approximate arrival date at our Australian distributor. Please note that this arrival date is separate from the delivery time. The lead time will be updated once the item is back in stock.

We hope this clarifies our lead time structure. Feel free to contact our Customer Service Team if you have any further questions.

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